‘Vy’, the new name of Norwegian State Railways

As the liberalisation of the rail market in Norway continues, the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) has now rebranded as ‘Vy’. The NSB Group was officially renamed the Vy Group on 24 April 2019 and is one of the largest transport groups in the Nordic countries, owned by the Norwegian government via the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
Vy Group has four operational business areas in Norway and Sweden, including rail passenger services, bus services, freight transport and mobility and tourism. NSB’s website is now www.vy.no and the NSB app has now moved over to the Vy-app platform. “We have been looking forward to finally using our new name Vy,” says CEO, Geir Isaksen. “We will continue to work hard to provide good customer experiences, and to make it easier to travel collectively and more environmentally-friendly.”
Work to change the livery of the trains will starts in summer 2019 and will take two to three years to complete. The brand for all passenger transport is now Vy. The legal companies are Vygruppen AS (formerly NSB AS), Vy Buss AS (formerly Nettbuss AS), Vy Bybil AS (formerly NSB Bybil AS) and Vy Gjøvikbanen AS (formerly NSB Gjøvikbanen AS).

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