VTG launched Europe’s first LNG rail tank car

VTGUnder the brand LNG by Rail, VTG Aktiengesellschaft will launch the first tank wagon for transporting LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in Europe, designed by  Chart Ferox. The new tank wagon will be presented at ‘transport logistic’ trade fair in Munich.
VTG has developed and built two prototypes for transporting LNG by rail. Chart Ferox built the tank. It is fitted with special insulation, which allows the cryogenic (-162° C) liquefied natural gas to remain in the tank wagon for up to six weeks. A vacuum has been created for the gas for this purpose between the inner tank and the surrounding outer tank. Special suspension and bearing technology for the inner tank inside the outer tank afforded particular effort in its development. Extensive vibration calculations and tests needed to be performed by the VTG and the Chart Ferox designers for this purpose.
Operational authorization for the wagon was issued by the German Federal Railway Authority in mid-April of this year making now series production possible. To receive authorization, all the pertinent tests laid out in the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) in accordance with the current railway technical regulations for this type of wagon were carried out in advance.

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