VTG orders UWC container railcars

container flat railcars United Wagon Company and VTG Rail Russia signed a contract for the supply of 100 container flat railcars which will be delivered next year.

“UWC’s flat cars meet all these requirements in full, allowing us to meet our clients’ needs, ensure the reliable delivery of freight, and operate our fleet without any down time.  That is why, for the last few years, we have consistently placed orders for flat cars made in the Tikhvin Site,” Olga Yakimova, the CEO of VTG Rail Russia said.

The container flat railcars are equipped with Model 18-9855 bogies with an axle load of 25 tonnes, which have very high reliability and safety ratings. The Tikhvin – produced flat cars’ innovative design allows them to run on guaranteed distances up to 6,500 km between maintenance stops without stops on route, which reduces the time required for freight delivery speed.

Similarly, the maintenance interval has been extended up to 1 million km, or 8 years of service, much longer than for flat cars on standard bogies, which need deport maintenance after 210,000 km or 3 years, and then further maintenance after that every 120-210 km or 3 years.

VTG Rail Russia is part of the European rolling stock leasing company VTG AG Group. The company’s activities are based on diversifying its fleet driven by a commercially viable rolling stock which meets advanced technical specifications while in “terms of cost-effectiveness, it must meet the targets set by our shareholders,” Olga Yakimova explains.

The partnership between UWC and VTG Rail Russia began back in 2017 when the manufacturer was awarded a contract to deliver 220 caustic soda tank wagons leased to RusVinyl, a 50/50 joint venture established by SIBUR Holding and SolVin. In 2019, the leasing company also signed a contract with UWC for the supply of 150 flat wagons for carrying timber products.

Including those already supplied, a total of 350 innovative freight cars manufactured by the Tikhvin Production Site will be supplied to VTG Rail Russia.

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