VTG enters Bulgarian market

VTG Rail Logistics BulgariaVTG Rail Logistics Bulgaria is the new company of VTG Rail Logistics which has been opened on November 1, 2021, in Sofia.

“VTG Rail Logistics boasts exceptional expertise in rail transport and multimodal logistics, offering a full spectrum of services across the entire transport chain,” Stelios Archontakis, the Managing Director of VTG Rail Logistics Bulgaria and VTG Rail Logistics Hellas.

The company is a full – service rail forwarder with an international reach. Integrating this new facility in its existing pan-European network enables VTG to optimise and harmonise its national and cross – border leasing and rail logistics activities in Bulgaria.

“In the future, we will be able to offer reliable transport solutions and further develop the market in Bulgaria and the adjacent regions. Activities in Bulgaria spanning more than 20 years have given VTG an in-depth understanding of this market. Having our own office on the ground will now help us respond even better to the needs of our customers in this highly promising market environment,” Liubomir Illiev, the Managing Director of VTG Rail Logistics Bulgaria concluded.

With this step, VTG is strengthening its presence in the Balkans region with increased access to the Eastern Europe region. Bulgaria plays an important role in transit traffic bound for Turkey, Greece and the adjacent eastern regions, which opens further attractive prospects for VTG, alongside access to the Danube, the port cities of Varna and Burgas to the Black Sea. VTG Rail Logistics Bulgaria is actively positioning itself with a 360 – degree solution portfolio offering a comprehensive range of products and services including equipment to tap the vast potential for multimodal traffic that exists in this market.

Bulgaria is focused on the development of intermodal and multimodal transport sector. There are plans for the expansion of Port of Varna and the Port of Lom at the Danube River to offer increased access to multimodal infrastructure and to create an efficient transport network. The development of intermodal connections, the introduction of traffic management and safety improvement intelligent transport systems, as well as the construction of key road and rail sections are Bulgaria’s priority projects under the “Transport Connectivity” 2021-2027 programme (PTC).

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