VR Group becomes the single SeaRail stakeholder

VR Group has purchased Green Cargo AB’s 50 per cent stake in SeaRail Oy, a deal which came into force on 1 July 2019.
Under the transaction, VR Group owns SeaRail capital, as the company’s shares were previously held by VR Group and Green Cargo AB, with a 50 per cent share each.
In future, VR Group will own the entire share capital in SeaRail, which will continue to operate as limited company as a part of VR Transpoint’s road logistics.
“SeaRail ensures that Tako receives raw materials for use efficiently and that finished products leaving the factory are loaded onto trains appropriately for further delivery around the world. With this transaction, we can deepen even further an important customer relationship,” says VR Transpoint’s Senior Vice President Martti Koskinen.
SeaRail Oy offers terminal and material handling services to Tako board mill in Tampere. In 2018, SeaRail’s net sales were EUR 2.4 million, and the company employed 18 employees.

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