VR and Stadler sign EMU train contract

single-decker Flirt trainsVR Group and Stadler signed an agreement for the supply of 20 single-decker Flirt trains with an option for 50 additional electric multiple units as well as the delivery of spare parts and a full-service extension.

In October, VR announced Stadler the preferred bidder for the supply of the new EMU fleet estimated at EUR 250 million.

The delivery of the first vehicle is scheduled for spring 2026.

The four-car electric multiple units will have a capacity for 796 passengers with seats for 356 of them and will run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

Like all Flirt vehicles, they have step-free entrance areas, low noise emissions inside and outside the trains and spacious multifunctional zones for pushchairs, wheelchairs, bicycles and luggage.

Finland is one of the most important hotspots in Europe for outstanding design. For this reason, Stadler has worked with a local agency to ensure that the new trains reflect the Finnish design. The interior is elegant and stylish, yet modular so that it can easily be reconfigured or replaced during the lifetime of the trains.

The new FLIRT trains will support VR Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility. The lightweight aluminium construction typical of Stadler, combined with the latest converter technology, will significantly reduce the energy consumption of the trains. The choice of propane as a coolant, the use of oil-free air compressors and the possibility to recycle a large part of the materials at the end of their service life are just a few examples.

With their efficient electric drive, they will allow even more sustainable rail operations and support the VR Group in its mission to implement environmentally friendly public transport in Finland.

The Flirt vehicles can also be used as intercity trains if required in the future.

Similar to Stadler’s previous vehicles, the new Flirt trains are being specially adapted for the Nordic climate in Finland. The equipment includes large snow ploughs, efficient air-conditioning technology featuring underfloor heating in the vestibules, as well as special heat insulation and well-sealed traction compartments to protect the drive technology.

“Stadler’s proposal responds to our needs. This is what we at VR Group want trains in the future to be like: energy-efficient, accessible for everybody, spacious and comfortable to travel in. We are happy to have Stadler as our partner in our mission, getting there together for a better world,” says Elisa Markula, the CEO of VR Group.

The new single-decker Flirt trains are intended for use in regional transport, around the capital Helsinki and in Tampere region.

In 2019, Stadler and VR Group signed a contract for the supply of 60 locomotives with the first one delivered in February 2022.

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