Vossloh completed Strabag rail milling business acquisition

Vossloh announced that it has successfully completed the acquisition of the rail milling business of Strabag Rail GmbH which was announced in November 2018.
The unit will be integrated in the Berlin-based subsidiary Alpha Rail Team in the Lifecycle Solutions division and expands the already existing Vossloh milling business significantly.
The acquired unit comprises comprising four milling machines and 30 employees.
The acquisition strengthens Vossloh’s rail and switch maintenance business and contributes to the Lifecycle Solutions division’s consistent expansion into a comprehensive maintenance provider.
Rail milling enables the efficient repair of deep rail defects while simultaneously reprofiling the railhead. Thereby not only noise emission is reduced, and rail safety increased, but also the life of the tracks is significantly increased.
The Vossloh Group estimates that the milling business will gain importance in the future due to increased traffic and higher speeds. With this acquisition, Vossloh is positioning itself as a leading provider of rail milling in the European market.

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