Virgin Hyperloop One unveiled end-to-end passenger experience and the test pod

Virgin Hyperloop One has shared its vision for a seamless travel experience through the first hyperloop passenger application demo, powered by HERE Technologies, and publicly unveiled its first-generation pod.
In the first demonstration of the passenger experience, the company is presented its application designed for real-time, on demand travel, throughout the transport ecosystem. Passengers will be able to plan, book, and pay for a hyperloop journey and other modes of transport including public, private, and ride-shares using the application. The application is the latest to be released using HERE Technologies’ Mobile Software Development Kit for Business which enables detailed location, mapping, and navigation capabilities for 136 countries, public transit information for more than 1,300 cities, and 3D indoor and venue maps.
The application will feature end-to-end route navigation including, for the first time, turn-by-turn indoor walking directions to help passengers negotiate large transit centers, venues, shopping centers, and airports. Passengers can customize their travel preferences by choosing route example options such as the fastest, cheapest, and greenest. The application will be made available to the public in 2018.
Additionally, the Virgin Hyperloop One XP-1 pod used in recent phase three testing where the company achieved record speeds of 387 km/h was unveiled to the public for the first time at the Global Stage for Innovation (CES 2018). The Virgin Hyperloop One XP-1 Pod is the first-generation design of the passenger or cargo pod of a Virgin Hyperloop One system. It is the only full-scale pod in the world that, combined with the company’s proprietary electric motor, achieves autonomous high-speed propulsion and levitation in a controlled low-pressure environment.
“We’re giving the public a taste of what a Virgin Hyperloop One experience will be like by publicly unveiling our pod and demonstrating how passengers will experience booking a hyperloop trip from their pocket,” said CEO of Virgin Hyperloop One, Rob Lloyd.

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