Victoria awards USD 1 billion ticketing contract

public transport ticketing Conduent Transportation’s subsidiary – a partnership of Conduent and Convergint – was selected by the Victoria’s Government to provide the next generation of the state’s public transport ticketing system, called myki. The companies will implement an advanced, contactless payment account-based transit ticketing system that will modernise the state’s existing smartcard solution and offer riders an enhanced user experience.

Under the contract, management of the existing system will begin in December 2023, and trials of the first phase of the new system are expected to start in 2024.

The public transport ticketing system will be designed to reach travellers in and beyond the greater Melbourne region and throughout Victoria. The expected value of the contract is more than USD 1 billion and is expected to last 15 years.
“We’ve made improvements to myki over the past 7 years and now this new contract will provide a greater benefit to passengers – using proven technology to make it quicker and easier to top up, touch on and travel,” Ben Carroll, the Victorian Minister for Public Transport said.
Victoria’s next transit ticketing system will be implemented in two phases. First, Conduent will install validators on buses, trains and trams and provide a contactless credit and debit card (Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa and Amex) payment system. The system will also allow passengers to pay with existing myki transit cards plus debit and credit cards, as well as NFC-enabled devices including smartphones and smartwatches with digital wallets.

During the second phase, Conduent will implement account-based ticketing (ABT). With ABT, tickets are stored virtually in the cloud, enabling a range of devices such as smartphones, smart cards or media to be securely linked to a user’s account. Flexible account-based features will deliver an improved customer experience. At the heart of Conduent’s ABT is Atlas Ops, an innovative, cloud-based solution designed specifically for multi-modal transport environments. Atlas Ops provides configurable functionality to accommodate various ticketing features and products.

The new contract will make sure the myki system is more efficient and effective over the coming years – and will see the system evolve with modern improvements using proven technologies in the market so all transport users can safely and seamlessly access, use and pay for public transport.

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