Additional rail services on Verona – Lübeck route

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group has announced a bi-weekly non-stop rail services between Verona and Lübeck, connecting the Northern Italian area with the Hanseatic city of Lübeck and the North-East European region.

The Port of Lübeck, Germany’s largest operator at the Baltic Sea, is a central transloading hub that links the economic centres of South, Central and North Europe with the rapidly developing Baltic Sea region.

The train route provides customers with attractive transport timetables to and from the Port of Lübeck on the Baltic Sea and runs on company’s own traction from start to the end of the route.

From Scandinavia and Northern Germany, customers benefit from seamless connections to ÖBB-RCG’s international network. A major part of the shipments that are transported via Lübeck come from Scandinavia or are destined for these markets.

Ferry routes provide ideal connections to Lübeck. The company is creating logistics solutions for transport services to and from Sweden, Finland and Norway by means of the ferry, rail and feeder shipping routes available at Lübeck.
These measures are enabling ÖBB RCG to expand the scope of its serevice and strengthen combined transport betwen Italy and Northern Germany on the environmentally friendly railways.

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