Uzbekistan spends over USD 6B on railway development

Uzbekistan has spent more than USD 6 billion for the railway development, Uzbek President Islam Karimov said.
“Over USD 6 billion of capital investments was spent for the development of rail transport and infrastructure during these years. “Around USD 1.8 billion accounted for foreign investments, “said the president.
President Karimov said that the over 1,100 kilometers of new railway lines were have been built. Around 3,800 kilometers were upgraded and about 1,000 kilometers of railway lines were electrified. This allowed bringing the total length of railways up to 6,500 kilometers.
The president said that such strategic railway lines as Navoi – Uchquduq – Nukus – Sultanuizdag with a bridge across the Amu Darya River and Tashguzar – Boysun – Kumkurgan were constructed in Uzbekistan for the future development of the country.
The railway sections Marokand – Karshi and Karshi –Termez are being electrified. A new electrified railway line Angren-Pap with a 19-kilometer railway tunnel is being constructed.
In addition, the rolling stock fleet is being upgraded. Around 38 modern electric locomotives and ten passenger locomotives have been purchased for the last ten years. Around 150 locomotives were modernized.

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