Uzbekistan opened a new electrified line

In January, Uzbekistan Railways officially opened the electrified Karshi – Termez rail section. The USD 327.6 million project involved the electrification of the 325 km-line, allowing the replacement of diesel locomotives with modern electric vehicles.
The electrification of the line will reduce passenger and freight transport costs by more than a third and will significantly increase the speeds and the capacity of the railway line. Also, the project contributes to improving the environmental situation in the region.
Within the project, 6 traction substations were constructed (Tashguzar, Dehkanabad, Akravat, Boysun, Kumkurgan and crossing No. 165) and Termez locomotive depot was reconstructed. In addition, the communication and signalling systems were installed on the section.
For this project, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency provided a USD 160 million loan and Uzbekistan Railways invested USD 167.4 million from its own funds.

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