UWC receives another other order for hopper cars

Trade House RIF, one of Russia’s largest exporters of cereal crops, will purchase 700 hopper cars from United Wagon Company to transport grain and grain mill products.
The delivery of the ordered cars expected to be completed by the end of Q3 2019.
The 19-9549 model allows up to 6 tonnes more grain to be loaded into each car compared with standard model. Thus, using these hopper cars means that, for the transport of 50,000 tonnes of grain, roughly one fewer rolling stock unit will be required thanks to the increased loading capacity of model 19-9549. This means that the fleet of cars can be reduced by almost 10%. In this way, the shipper can transport more freights with a smaller number of cars, increasing operational efficiency.
The model is accepted at all loading and unloading terminal types, and the car is fully compatible with the existing infrastructure. Five loading hatches allow for the even distribution of freight within the car, while their sealing reliably protects the freight from the adverse effects of precipitation.
The overhaul mileage of the car has been significantly extended, to 1 million km (or 8 years), thanks to the use of the 18-9855 bogie model, allowing to slash maintenance costs almost threefold over the car’s entire life cycle. For comparison, a grain transport car using a standard bogie will be sent in for depot repairs after logging just 110,000 km (or after 3 years of operation).
Currently, Trade House RIF has a fleet of 500 Tikhvin-produced cars.

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