UWC obtains certification for two articulated hopper cars

United Wagon Company has received RC FRT certification for two models of six-axle articulated hopper cars running on 25 tonne-axle load bogies.

The 19-6978 hopper car is designed for grain transport, while the 19-6978-01 model, for mineral fertilizers.

According to UWC’s calculations, the use of these cars makes it possible to increase carrying capacity on the network by 22% and reduce the required fleet size by 38%, as well as to lower the cost of transporting cargo thanks to savings made on freight charges for cars.

Both models of hopper car are compatible with standard loading and unloading infrastructure and can be operated at all existing terminals. Eight loading hatches, located as close as possible to each other, ensure that the entire body volume can be filled uniformly. The locking and sealing device mechanism speed up the car’s processing time. The angles of inclination of the end walls and bin walls have been designed in such a way as to ensure that the product is fully unloaded, as well as making unloading operations more convenient and faster.

The volume of the two cars measures 160 m3 allowing a wide range of bulk cargo to be transported efficiently, making use of almost the entire 113.5 tonne load capacity. The increased capacity is possible due to car’s articulated design, with two of its sections being joined with an articulated device that ensures unhindered passage through curved sections of track, including curves with small radii, as well as the inclines of hump yards.

The cars have an independent bogie-by-bogie brake system, installed on three model 18-9855 bogies with an increased 25 tonne-axle load and an integrated brake operating mechanism, improving operations’ reliability and efficiency.
To date, UWC has received certification for three types of articulated wagons such as gondola cars, tank cars and hopper cars.


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