USD 3 billion needed to complete Tehran’s urban transport projects

A total of EUR 120 trillion (USD 3 billion) is needed to complete urban development projects in Tehran, said Mohsen Hashemi, Tehran city council chairman. Various projects are underway in the capital.
Hashemi expressed hope that the projects will be put into operation as soon as possible and will be fully completed.
Referring to the fact that most of the uncompleted projects underway in the capital are car-centered (including highways, bridges), he noted that “Tehran needs to move forward towards using public transport, especially the metro network, rather than private cars”.
“If the public transport projects are developed, mobility will be better”, he said, adding that “currently, 200 kilometres of metro lines are under construction in Tehran, however, due to the lack of proper facilities and to the fact that metro lines are operating with a quarter capacity, people can’t make fully use of its capacity”.
Tehran is home to 12 million people. Hashemi concluded that it is essential to increase metro ridership to 6-7 million per day by increasing the number of lines, which needs a budget of IRR 250 trillion (nearly USD 6 billion).
Tehran metro system consists of five operational lines, stretching to 170 kilometres. Two lines, 6 and 7, are under construction. The lines link south to north, east to west and are gradually covering more neighbourhoods. By completing the two new lines, 70 kilometres will be added to the current metro network.

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