USA: Route chosen for light rail to Kent

05-sound transitThe Sound Transit Board of Directors chose the I-5 route as the preferred alternative for the 7.6-mile (12 km) route from SeaTac to Federal Way. A final environmental impact statement will be prepared for the preferred route with a final board decision to be made late next year.
Since agreement on the place for the station in the Kent/Des Moines area was not reached, the board approved amendments for a further study whether to put a station on the east side or west side of Pacific Highway South near Highline College in Des Moines.
Sound Transit plans to expand light rail from the Angle Lake Station, which opens in 2016, to Kent/Des Moines by 2023 and then the full 7.6 miles to Federal Way when more funding is secured. The project will cost more than USD 1 billion.

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