US: Valley Metro awards operations contract to ACI

The Valley Metro Rail Board of Directors has approved a base five-year contract with Boston-based Alternate Concepts, Inc. (ACI) to provide rail transport services for the 41.8 km system in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa. The Board authorized the CEO to execute the 5-year contract with one 3-year option and one 2-year option beginning on 1 July 2017 in the amount not to exceed USD 56 million.
With this contract, ACI continues to manage, coordinate and control all activities related to the operations of the service. ACI began service operations for Valley Metro Rail prior to the opening in December 2008 and has expanded from the original 20 miles to include six new miles of extensions in 2015 and 2016. There were 15.6 million rail passengers served in fiscal year 2016 with an on-time performance of 93.4 percent.

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