US: rail infrastructure projects selected under Fastlane grants

US rail infrastructureUS Department of Transportation has provided a list of 10 proposed FY 2017 Fastlane Small Project grant awards totaling USD 78.88 million to the authorizing committees of jurisdiction for a 60-day Congressional review period. For railway projects, Fastlane will provide USD 56.6 million which represents 70% of the total grant awards.
This year, seven of the ten proposed grants are targeted for projects in rural areas to increase freight mobility and produce greater economic opportunities. The proposed awards will enhance safety at over 100 rail crossings, repair nearly 400 km of track and improve over 70 rail bridges, allowing communities in Maine, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and Texas access to the national freight rail network. In total, the USD 78.88 million in proposed Fastlane awards will lead to approximately USD 217 million in total investment in infrastructure.
“These targeted investments will assist communities in building infrastructure systems that will improve safety for the traveling public and provide increased access to greater long-term economic opportunity,” Secretary Elaine L. Chao said.
Fastlane program provides financial assistance to nationally and regionally significant freight and highway projects that align with the program goals to improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the movement of freight and people.
Each fiscal year, 10% of Fastlane grants are reserved for “small projects” that are under the minimum project cost threshold of at least USD 100 million.