US: Collaboration to increase rail safety signed

OSIsoft and LILEE Systems have entered into an alliance to improve safety and equipment health of rail and transportat networks through Big Data and industrial Internet of Things technologies. The companies are working together to embed a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) connector for transferring data from LILEE’s IoT gateways to OSIsoft’s PI System to help rail operators achieve their goals for Positive Train Control (PTC).
Transport companies will also be able to use LILEE and OSIsoft technology to perform long-term analysis to optimize routes, improve on-time arrivals, define maintenance schedules, reduce or improve regulatory and environmental compliance.
LILEE and OSIsoft will also collaborate on bringing real-time awareness to long-haul trucking, shipping and other logistics industries.
“We are very proud to work with OSIsoft, which has been a leader for years in managing real-time data in heavy industries with a focus on improving safety and operations. OSIsoft’s PI System is a proven solution that can integrate seamlessly with LILEE’s portfolio of systems management solutions and edge IOT platforms for rail and bus operations, delivering a solid foundation for deep analytics,” said Jia-Ru Li, CEO of LILEE.

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