Urals freight rail transport competition discussed

rzd1_tren de marfaThe Ural Chamber of Commerce and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the Urals Federal District recently hosted a discussion about developing competition in the freight rail industry.
The meeting addressed the administrative barriers and excessive monopolization in the current freight market.
Attendees included Daniel Mazurovskii, head of the Agency for Strategic Initiative in the Urals Federal District; Peter Esaulove, head of the Sverdlovsk railway; Sergey Shavzis, president of Ural Logistics; and Sergey Ageev, CEO of the NP Union members railway market. Also participating were representatives from industry and science in the Sverdlovsk region, the ministries of Transport and Communications, operators, manufacturers, rail carriers and cargo experts.
Many attendees stated that there needs to be interaction between the Russian Railways and the transportation process participants. Such interaction would require a partnership.
Other solutions discussed included improving the quality and complexity of the Russian Railways services, modifying railway legislation to match the modern needs of railway transport, modernizing the industrial stock for railway transport and developing conditions that are conducive to these changes.


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