Updated transport strategy for Los Angeles unveiled

Los Angeles transport strategy LA Metro published an updated draft of its 2020 Long Range Transport Plan which (LRTP) is a USD 400 billion Los Angeles transport strategy for the next 30 years.

Under the 2020 LRTP, LA Metro intends to construct more than 160 km of transit network. The strategy includes over USD 200 billion operations and state of good repair, as well as USD 38 billion in funding that returns to local agencies to maintain the local transport system.

The plan also notes the potential to deliver significant mobility benefits to the region through the major capital projects, programmes, and bold policies.

If implemented, the plan will result in an 81% increase in daily transit trips, a 31% decrease in traffic delay and a 19% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

After Los Angeles transport strategy implementation, the benefits include 21% of county residents and 36% of jobs will be a 10-minute walk of high-quality rail or bus rapid transit options, up from only 8% of residents and 16% of jobs currently.

“Over the coming decades, Metro will be faced with numerous, complex decisions about how to address our region’s transport challenges. Significant investments will be needed to maintain the region’s aging roadway and transit systems, while managing and modernizing the system to prioritize safe and reliable transportation services,” said Metro Board Chair James Butts.

Beyond transit, the transport authority will invest in arterial and freeway projects to reduce congestion and bicycle and pedestrian projects. It will also invest in technology and promote innovative new mobility options such as carsharing, Microtransit and freight-focused technologies.

“For this plan to succeed, we must and will continue to build strong partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies as well as our many local stakeholders. These partnerships are crucial for funding and delivering projects and for coordinated planning on issues of regional significance,” said Metro CEO Phillip Washington.

In the past 30 years, LA Metro has constructed 210 km of rail and bus rapid transit networks.

Until July 13, the LA transport strategy, considered the US most aggressive transit expansion plan, enters public consultation.

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