UniWagon delivers new timber platforms

The TikhvinSpetsMash plant, part of UniWagon, supplied a batch of new generation timber platforms to Vologodskie Lesopromyshlenniki, one of the biggest timber industry companies in north-west Russia. The platform type 13-6852-02 for transport of timber products has enhanced performance, high reliability and ergonomics parameters.
Designed by the All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology (part of UWC), the platform ensures competitive advantages and high savings. The economic effect is achieved due to increased payload capacity (+15%), as well as reduced uncoupling repair and unproductive time, which results in higher turn-round, lower need for freight cars and savings on fleet maintenance.
Thanks to posts of increased length, the loading volume is 122 cubic meters, which allows using the entire loading space available. Increased loading volume and higher carrying capacity allows the full realization of static load from the wheel set on rails, estimated at 25 tf, and an extra load of up to 10 cubic meters of timber products under the same tariff expenditure. The loading length of the freight car enables transportation of timber stacks from 3 to 6 meters. Ingenious engineering solutions provide for convenient loading and unloading operations as well as freight checks en route.
The reduction of the car life cycle costs and enhanced operational efficiency are also assured by increased terms of between-repairs runs which amount to 800,000 km or 8 years (the freight car required three times less scheduled maintenance as compared to the existing analogues) throughout the service life of 40 years.
“The timber platforms manufactured by TikhvinSpetsMash boast competitive advantages, such as higher payload capacity, loading volume and longer times of between-repairs runs. By using the said advantages effectively, we hope to optimize the logistical expenditures in timber deliveries on the home market,” Aleksey Alekseev, CEO of Vologodskie Lesopromyshlenniki, said.

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