Unicon 1520 offers freight services to Uralchem-Trans

The railway operator Unicon 1520 (part of United Wagon Company) has signed a contract to provide services for transport of liquid cargos in tanks to Uralchem-Trans in Russia and Eastern Europe using tanks fitted to platforms with carrying capacity up to 72 tons.
The tank container fleet of Unicon 1520 is highly adaptable and is suited to transport a wide range of chemicals, food products and LPG, as well as providing transport in specialized and SWAP-containers. The fleet is assembled with assistance from EXSIF and Eurotainer, which are leasing companies.
“United Wagon Company sets standards on the rail transport market and we expect that cooperation with its transportation subsidiary will improve the quality of our carrying operations, optimizing cost and delivery times for our goods,” said Alexey Koloshyan, Deputy Director for Transport Operations at Uralchem-Trans.

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