Ukrzaliznytsia will sign repair contracts with its own plants

Ukrzaliznytsia will increase the localisation of rolling stock repair works which will support the domestic producers and employers. “Everything that can be done in Ukraine must be done here. This is the world’s practice and the official position of the President and the government. What we need is to enhance Ukrainian producers with foreign know-hows”, Frantisek Bures, Ukrzaliznytsia’s board member.

This year, Ukrzaliznytsia will provide its repair subsidiaries with economically stable orders helping locomotive fleet renovation and repair facilities’ development.

The plans will see the increase of Dnipro Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant activities, with Ukrzaliznytsia ordering capital repairs 80 locomotives. The contract is estimated at UAH 850 million (EUR 31.87 million).

“The plant is ready for the operation and additional personnel for the planned repair activities. It will also attract more orders. We are looking forward to the approval of the financial plan of the company by the government. Locomotive repair enterprises of Ukrzaliznytsia have extensive experience of operation. However, the equipment and production processes need modernization, internal cooperation and quality must be increased, and the personnel must be offered decent payment,” Frantisek Bures explained.

At the beginning of 2020, company’s representatives announced the plans to increase the localisation share of for rolling stock renewal. At its own depots, Ukrzaliznytsia intends to repair 600 passenger cars and to overhaul 1500 rail cars.

By 2025, Ukrzaliznytsia will modernise 1,023 locomotives and 1,049 rolling stock units will need major repairs which are expected to be performed by the Ukrainian companies.

To increase the rolling stock renewal localisation, the national authorities plan to separate Ukrzaliznytsia’s operational and repair activities and to introduce the specialization locomotive depot concept for the projects. This will have a great strong impact on the development of domestic industry, while the costs will be considerably reduced.

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