Ukraine to increase rail freight transportation tariffs

A financial plan of public joint-stock company Ukrzaliznytsia approved at a government meeting outlines that the tariffs for freight transportation by rail in Ukraine will be increased by 22.5% from 1 October 2017.
Head of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine Ksenia Liapina said at the government meeting that in the conditions of the absence of an independent regulator for monopolist Ukrzaliznytsia the introduction of the tariffs is a regulatory issue.
“The proposals of the tariff council of the Ministry of Infrastructure will be discussed and an analysis of the regulatory impact of the tariffs on the economy as a whole will be conducted, since the railway is a backbone infrastructure and a one-time increase of 22.5% can lead to serious and negative consequences for the economy,” she said. Liapina further proposed to make an understandable tariff plan for three or five years, so that the business understood what to expect, and Ukrzaliznytsia understood what resources it had.

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