UK: ScotRail achieves 6th year-on-year performance improvement

The ScotRail Alliance confirmed that it had achieved a sixth consecutive period of year-on-year train service performance improvement. In the four weeks to 31 March, 93.3% of ScotRail trains met the industry target Public Performance Measure (PPM). This is 0.7% better than the same four-week period last year, and 0.1% better than the previous four weeks. During the period, ScotRail ran almost 2,300 services each week day, allowing customers to make over 6 million journeys.
During the same period, equivalent performance in England and Wales was 90.7%. ScotRail’s annual average performance figure is 90.3% against 87.4% in England and Wales.
“We are now consistently delivering one of the best performing railways in Britain. In fact, the levels we are now operating at are on a par with the big operators across Europe,” ScotRail Alliance Operations Director Perry Ramsey said.

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