UAE to allow private sector to participate in rail projects

“During the last decade the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have established as a global player in the transport infrastructure sector, a sector which plays an important role in any nation’s progress. The UAE Government has developed a clear vision as well as a carefully-planned strategy to play a leadership role in the field of rail transport infrastructure. This will be achieved through regional and international collaboration, developing and re-shaping policies and enacting laws to promote efficiency as well as safety in this vital sector”, Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman, Federal Transport Authority – Land & Maritime said on attending the Middle East Rail conference, which takes place in Dubai, March 12-13.

At the beginning of this month, the UAE Government approved a new Federal Railway Law that provides a regulatory framework for future development of railways. The new legislation will allow the private investors to participate in railway projects in the Emirates.

The law complies with the UAE Vision 2021, supports environmental sustainability, creates an integrated infrastructure, strengthens the competitiveness of the economy and connects various parts of the country. The new law will organise the legislative and legal framework under which the rail sector will operate,” Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi added.

He further said, in his speech, that the UAE is rapidly moving towards further developing a strong infrastructure in various fields. Recently, in the Global Competitiveness Index, the UAE was ranked fourth regarding the quality of infrastructure.

“We are keen to learn about international best practices and to benefit from the international expertise, which we believe plays an important role in sustainable development, especially in light of the transformation towards an economy based on knowledge and innovation”, the Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority emphasised.

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