U.S. to review track and brake standards for commuter lines

The U.S. Federal Rail Administration (FRA) announced issuance of two notices of proposed rulemaking to promote safety innovation and reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens. The proposed rules will increase rail safety as well as save time.

The first proposal would update the current track safety standards (TSS), and the second improves the effectiveness of existing brake system safety requirements.

The proposed TSS amendments would allow continuous testing for rail inspections and would remove an inspection-method exception for high-density commuter lines. The proposed rule would also add several recommendations by FRA’s Rail Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC).

“It’s time to modernize existing regulations to permit methods of inspecting, testing, and maintaining track and mechanical equipment that are demonstrably safe. These updates are consistent with the performance and evidence-based standards that are already being used by many railroads,” said FRA Administrator Ronald Batory.

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