Two new TMH locomotives enter tests

Transmashholding’s two new freight mainline diesel locomotives – 2TE25K2M and 3ТE25K2М, manufactured at Bryansk Machine Building Plant, will enter preliminary tests which will be held at RZD’s Railway Research Institute (VNIIZHT). The new locomotives have to confirm the compliance with the technical specifications and mandatory requirements. For this purpose, the traction, energy and brake systems will be verified, dynamic and strength tests will be carried out, as well as verification of compliance with fire and environmental safety standards. The electrical equipment and control devices will be tested.
The new mainline freight locomotives have been specifically developed for heavy haul freight trains, using a range of advanced technical solutions.
The two-section 2TE25KM diesel locomotive is designed for hauling trains with excessive weight of 9,300 tonnes. An 18-9DG diesel generator manufactured at Kolomna plant was applied with a power rate of 2,850 kW.
The increase of freight trains haul is achieved due to the increased utilisation of diesel power per thrust and an increased axle load.
The advantages of the new locomotives are the ability to provide stable power for traction, an increased speed at continuous rating of up to 25.4 km/h, compared to the 23.6 km/h of 2TE25KM existing locomotives.
After passing all necessary tests at VNIIZH, the three-section 3TE25K3M locomotive will be sent to an experimental trial operation of 10,000 km.
For the two new locomotives, the synchronous traction alternator assembly successfully passed the trials in March 2019. The assembly’s function is to supply power to DC traction motors through the rectifier, provide head end support, feed excitation of the traction assembly, and assist with engine launch.

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