TVZ to deliver 138 cars to Sakhalin Railways

Transmashholding will deliver 138 carriages to Sakhalin Passenger Company produced by the Tver Car Building Plant.
The contract with a value of RUB 285 million (USD 4.25 million) was concluded by the Tver Railway Car Building Plant and the Roslokomotiv company (part of Transmashholding), which, in turn, operates under a trilateral agreement with the Sakhalin Passenger Company and the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation on terms of financial lease.
The cars will be able to run on 1520 mm network as this year railways located on the territory of Sakhalin Island will complete the transition to the 1520 mm gauge. “The Sakhalin railway, as is known, traditionally had a gauge of 1067 mm, and the car of the production of TVZ were built taking into account this standard. As a result of large-scale modernization, the Sakhalin railways will soon move to the 1520 gauge and the Tver Carriage Works will supply 138 carriaged by the end of May 2019,” Andrey Solovey, general director of TVZ said.
Russian Railways plans to convert fully Sakhalin’s 806-km railway system from its narrow 1067 mm gauge to broad gauge (1520 mm) by 2020.
To avoid interruptions to services, narrow-gauge rolling stock is being used on the widened track sections which combine both track gauges of 1520 and 1067 mm.

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