TVZ and Tulpar-Talgo sign contract for 63 passenger cars

Tver Carriage Works (TVZ) entered into an agreement with Tulpar-Talgo to supply knock-down kits for assembling 63 non-compartment passenger railcars of model 61-4447.02. The final assembly of the cars will be performed at Tulpar-Talgo, one of the largest rolling stock plants in Astana. The first batch of 25 passenger cars will be delivered in July, and the final one is expected for autumn 2019.
The cars are designed for 54 beds and equipped in accordance with modern requirements of safety and comfort. They are equipped with environmentally friendly toilet facilities, air conditioning systems, fire alarm and water disinfection systems, and video surveillance cameras.
For the convenience of passengers, USB connectors for charging mobile devices and electrical outlets are provided.
The construction of the Passenger Coaches Manufacturing Plant Tulpar-Talgo was performed in cooperation with Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and the Patentes Talgo.
In 2018, Transmashholding concluded the agreement to acquire the Tulpar-Talgo plant. In addition, another contract was signed providing the manufacture of 1200 coaches between 2018 and 2026 at Tulpar-Talgo for Passajirskie Perevozki, a subsidiary of the national railway operator Kazakhstan Temir Zholy. According to the agreements, TMH will localize in Kazakhstan the production of its in-house designed carriages such as compartment, sleeper, staff, and restaurant.

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