TVZ already delivered 25 passenger cars to Kazakhstan

Tver Carriage Works, part of Transmashholding, has already sent to Tulpar-Talgo, 25 car kit models 61-4447 kits for assembling passenger railcars. The final assembly of the cars will be carried out by Tulpar-Talgo.
On June 11, the two companies signed a contract under which TVZ should manufacture and transfer to the Kazakhstan 63 railcar sets of non-compartment passenger cars. It was planned that the plant would send the first batch of 25 car-sets to Kazakhstan in July, but the delivery is ahead of schedule.
By the end of the year, another 38 car sets will be handed over to Tulpar-Talgo.
In the last decade, Tver Carriage Works delivered to Kazakhstan 137 passenger cars of various models.
In 2018, Transmashholding concluded the agreement to acquire the Tulpar-Talgo plant and signed an additional contract for the production of 1200 coaches by 2026 at Tulpar-Talgo plant for Passajirskie Perevozki, a subsidiary of the national railway operator Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.

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