Tunisia-Algeria railway line to be operational starting May 2017

Yassine Djaballah, director general of the Algerian National Railway Company (SNTF), said that the Tunisian National Railways (SNCFT) has succeeded in reestablishing, not without delay, a tunnel on the stretch of the rail on the Tunisian territory.

Djaballah said that the distance between Tunis (the capital of Tunisia) and Annaba (a city in Eastern Algeria), which amounts to 290 km, can be covered by train in 6 hours. The route will be served by two or three trains daily.

These project is part of an extensive development program for the SNTF in Algeria, which plans to expand its network to 12,500 kilometers by 2025.

Pending the completion of an inter-Maghreb high-speed train (TGV) linking Algeria to Morocco and Tunisia, the re-opening of the Annaba-Tunis service should nevertheless give new impetus to economic exchanges and tourism between the two countries.

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