Trieste Port signed funding agreement for its rail project

Photo: Marco Santarelli/EIB

Port of Trieste will receive a EUR 45.5 million European funding for the implementation of its railway project. EUR 6.5 million will be covered by the Connecting Europe Facility, and EUR 39 million will be allotted by the European Investment Bank, under a contract signed with Eastern Adriatic Sea Port Authority. EUR 65 million is the total value of the project.

The project comprises railway capacity expansion and operations enhancement at the Port of Trieste by redesigning the main railway marshalling yard and rehabilitating existing internal railways.

The first component includes the reorganisation of the existing switching yard to make it fully accessible simultaneously to several trains of up to 750 m in length. The second one involves the restoration of all existing internal track in the port to connect the main station to the service areas.

“This financing operation demonstrates the interest and attention being paid by the EU in the Port of Trieste, a strategic and dynamic hub that is investing substantial resources in rail, which is a sustainable mode of transport,” President of the Port Authority Zeno D’Agostino said.

The objective of the project is to improve the hinterland accessibility and multimodal connections of the port of Trieste in order to increase the train capacity of the marshalling yard of the port by 80%, allow 750 metres long trains, thus increasing the train length by 35%, increase the speed of marshalling operations on average by 35%, and 70% for Pier 7 and to ensure full IT interoperability with port railway stakeholders.

Trieste is the first port in Italy to have its own internal rail system comprising 70 km of track, connecting with the national and international rail network, which enables all the docks to be served by rail, with the possibility of freight train assembly directly at the various terminals. More than 400 trains a month connect the Port of Trieste with the manufacturing and industrial areas of north-east Italy and various central European destinations including Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

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