Trials launched on Tanzania’s first SGR

Tanzania’s Minister of Transport, Isack Kamwele, has launched the trials on the Dar es Salaam -Morogoro standard gauge railway line at the beginning of July. The minister announced that the 205-km line will enter commercial operation in December 2019.
The project is implemented by a Turkish-Portuguese consortium of Yapi Merkezi and Mota-Engil.
USD 2 billion was the value of the project which will allow trains to run at speeds of 160 km/h.
The construction works will be carried out by a consortium (50/50) between the Turkish construction group Yapi Merkezi and the Portuguese construction group Mota-Engil.
For the project, Tanzania has launched the tender for the procurement of 20 locomotives, 1430 freight cars, 60 passegenger cars and five multiple units.
The Dar es Salaam -Morogoro GSR project is the first phase of a comprehensive plan which envisages the construction of standard gauge lines, running on 6 country’s regions. The second phase of the project includes a 336-km line from Morogoro to Makutupora.
The proposed SGR from Dar es Salaam to Makutopora station (541 km) will run parallel to the existing metre gauge railway (MGR). The existing MGR starts from Dar es Salaam and ends in Mwanza via Isaka and has a total length of 1,231 km. The proposed SGR will pass through the regional headquarters of Dar es Salaam, Morogoro and Dodoma which harbor the major train stations. There are also minor stations along the way including Dar es Salaam, Pugu, Soga, Ruvu, Ngerengere, Morogoro, Mkata, Kilosa, Kidete, Gulwe, Igunda, Dodoma, Bahi and Makutopora.

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