Transmashholding reports a 44% sale increase

Transmashholding reported a 44% increase in goods and services sale, with an estimated international financial reporting standards (IFRS) of RUB 224.8 billion (USD 3.47 billion), against RUB 155.8 billion (USD 2.4 billion) in 2017.
The volume of single-deck cars increased by 62%, from 429 to 696 units and the double-deck cars orders increased by 58.5%, from 41 units to 65 units. In 2018, Transmashholding launched a large-scale project to modernise the model range of passenger cars. This year, the company signed a contract with Federal Passenger Company (FPC) for the supply of 3,730 single and double-deck cars, at a total value of USD 3.6 billion (RUB 237 billion), excluding VAT.
A 57% increase in sales was registered on metro segment, with orders for 688 units, from 439 in 2017.
In addition, TMH sold various types of diesel trains, with a 38% increase, from 463 units to 639.
The total number of sold electric train cars increased by 33%, from 297 to 394. In 2018, the production and delivery of an updated model of the electric Oriole for Moscow central diameters began.
The number of sold locomotives also increased. The diesel locomotive sales increased by 11%, from 327 units to 362, while a 12% increase was registered on shunting diesel locomotives segment. The number of freight locomotives increased by 78%, from 269 unitd to 475, and a significant increase was also observed in the segment of passenger electric locomotives, with 90%, from 21 to 40 units.

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