Transmash to deliver flatcars to Russian Container Company

Transmash, part of Transmashholding, and Russian Container Company (Moscow) have signed an agreement for the delivery of 3,000 flatcars to transport large capacity containers model 13-9751-01. The agreement was inked at the III Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. The document was signed by Vladimir Antonov, the General Director of Transmash and Ivan Grishagin, the General Director of Russian Container Company.
The delivery of 3,000 flatcars for large capacity containers transport is scheduled from 2018 to 2020 under the agreement. Flatcar model 13-9751-01 is designed for the transport of 20 and 40-ft containers, including large capacity refrigerators (with an additional, high-speed, removable equipment installed on a flatcar).
Transmash has launched the production of such flatcars since 2008 and has since manufactured more than 3,000 flatcars model 13-9751-01.


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