Toulouse to have a third metro line

Tisséo-Collectivités Union Committee, the former Toulouse-based SMTC (Syndicat Mixte Transports en Commun de L’Agglomération de Toulouse), completed the layout of the third 27 km long underground line between the Colomiers and Labège stations, called Toulouse Aerospace Express. The total cost of the project is estimated at EUR 2.33 billion.

This new line seems to be as the Grand Paris Express transposed to Toulouse, since the route bypasses the center of the agglomeration. The metro line will also serve 3 job sites as the Airbus group, the future business city near Matabiau station, and the ”European innovation district” in Montaudran and Labège.

The metro line in the city will be connected to the railway network and out of 20 metro stations, 5 will also serve rail stations.

Tisseo is considering to put into commercial service 40 to 45 m trains running on an underground infrastructure on 60% of the route and 200 000 passengers per day on commissioning, envisaged in 2024, at the same time as the Bordeaux-Toulouse high-speed train enters commercial service.

The new metro will also serve the airport by a “people mover” similar transport system.

There is no doubt that there will be a strong competition from the railway industry to supply the automation and rolling stock for the new line. The new metro line seems to be part of a reinforcement of public transport in a saturated territory and whose population is continously growing. Besides, the authorities in Toulouse did not mentioned yet which would be the source of funding for the new metro project.

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