Toulouse inaugurates the new ‘XXL’ Line A

Tisséo Collectivités, the public transport authority of the greater Toulouse, inaugurated the new ‘XXL’ trains on metro Line A, by increasing train lengths.

The project aimed to double the metro capacity with longer trains, from 26 to 52 meters, with 4-car instead of 2-car trains. The new trains can now carry up to 320 passengers, increasing the daily capacity of Line A from 220,000 to 400,000 passengers.

The goal is to eventually reach an operating interval of 75 seconds between each train during peak hours to reduce waiting times and improve passenger experience in France’s fourth largest city.

The Jean Jaurès station has been enlarged in order to streamline the journey of the passengers traveling on lines A and B. The project offers more comfort and efficiency for the 400,000 daily passengers expected to use the transport services.

The ‘My Line A in XXL’ project was awarded in November 2015. Siemens Mobility managed the overall system integration for the project, including engineering, software developments and modifications to the Val system for the rolling stock, automation system, track, platform screen doors, network, automatic supervision and central control station in Basso-Cambo.

Siemens’ Val is the world’s first fully automated, driverless metro on tires, and the first line entered revenue service in 1983. A flagship product of Siemens Mobility, it has been developed in Toulouse.

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