TMH to start RA-3 diesel train production

Technical Regulations of the Customs Union awarded Transmashholding’s three-car version of TMH’s RA-3 diesel train the Certificate of Conformity which allows the batch production of RA-3 trains. It will be performed under a contract signed in December 2018 with the Central Exurban Passenger Company. Under the contract, TMH will ship six 3-car RA-3 within the first half of 2020.

The rail bus cars successfully passed all tests confirming full compliance with safety requirements for rail vehicles and passenger transport.

RA-3 passenger diesel train for non-electrified track is one of TMH’s new products. These DMUs represent a solution for urban, suburban, and regional passenger transportation needs. They service both high and low platforms, and their flexible composition helps adjusting for passenger traffic variations.

Compared to the previous generation, RA-3 have a redesigned passenger interior with better ergonomics, hygiene, safety. It has a passenger capacity of 133 seats for the two-car setup and 229 seats for the 3-car setup.

The trains are fully air-conditioned with separate zones for passenger compartment and the driver. They can be operated as a multiple with up to six cars per train. The tail cars carry accessibility zones, wheelchair boarding lifts, and accessible bathrooms.
Their tested speed is 120 km/h and their lifecycle is 40 years.

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