TMH to deliver Central Suburban Passenger Company 21 EMUs

Transmashholding will ship 21 11-car electric trains (EP2D trains) produced at its plant in Demikhi to Central Suburban Passenger Company (CPPK), as part of the contracts signed in February-March 2019, for the supply of 231 carriages. The acquisition is supported by Sberbank Leasing.
18 EMUs are designed with high platforms and three will fit both high and low platforms with their drop-down walkways.
EP2D trains comply with international regulations on passenger transportation safety, being equipped with passive safety features (crash-systems). They are fitted with climate control system and advanced passenger information system.
The EMUs follow barrier-free concept. The head cars have wheelchair braces and the information signs have braille duplicates. The high platform trains have ramp doors for rolling inside. Three low platform trains will be equipped with wheelchair lifts.
Contemporary technical solutions utilized in the trains allow their operating company to significantly reduce operational costs. A train’s cost of ownership, considered over its lifespan of 30 years, projects 20-50% lower compared to existing Russia alternatives.
Central Exurban Passenger Company buys EP2D since 2016. Since then, 60 new trains were added to its fleet. In 2018, the company bought 20 EP2D trains.

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