TMH tested a new locomotive traction alternator assembly

Transmashholding has successfully tested an engineering sample of AT2C-2800/400B synchronous traction alternator assembly manufactured at company’s plant in Novocherkassk.
The assembly’s function is to supply power to DC traction motors through the rectifier, provide head end support, feed excitation of the traction assembly, and assist with engine launch. It consists of two synchronous alternators (main – 2800 kW, auxiliary – 400 kW) set up in a single enclosure. Active parts of both main and auxiliary alternators are unified with the equivalents already produced at NEVZ.
By results of the trials, the assembly’s documentation received “O1” grade, which allows production of a 100-unit batch. The factory’s staff has already prepared a manufacturing setup to provide required quality.
The traction assembly is made for Russia’s most powerful freight mainline diesel locomotive 3(2) TE25K2M, manufactured by TMH site in Bryansk.
It was designed by TMH Engineering as part of the Import Substitution Programme and is an alternative to the equipment imported from Ukraine.

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