TMH begins the production for Egypt coaches

Ministry of Transport of Egypt granted Transmashholding-Hungary Kft., a Russian-Hungarian consortium, the approval to begin the production of a third-class coach prototype for Egyptian National Railways (ENR).
The approval procedures allow to launch production of prototypes for testing and certification.
Under the contract, 500 third-class cars with forced ventilation and 500 3-class cars with air conditioning will be manufactured. They will have a capacity of 88 seats, two toilets and will be equipped with LED lighting. The bogies will be equipped with disc brakes.
The coaches are expected to operate for 40 years and will be designed with corrosion-resistant steel alloy car bodies as well as moisture-proof and heat-insulating materials.
In September 2018, ENR awarded the consortium a EUR 1 billion contract for the supply of 1,300 passenger cars which are expected to be supplied within the next 5 years. The consortium will also supply 180 second-class cars with air conditioning, 90 first-class cars with air conditioning and 30 second-class cars with air conditioning and cafeteria.
As part of the consortium, Tver Carriage Works will become the key manufacturer of components and it will also be in charge with the transfer of technology and industrial organization. TMH Engineering will play the role of design authority responsible for project technical review. Within the project, the Hungarian member of the consortium will be the manufacturing and financial partner.

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