Timisoara plans to buy 40 new trams

According to the pre-information notice, Timisoara will organise a tender for the conclusion of a framework agreement, estimated at RON 462.2 million (EUR 99.2 million) for the delivery of new trams within the “Replacement of the tram fleet” project. The estimated deadline for the publication of the contract notice is 16 July 2018.
The framework agreement will be concluded for the next four years.
40 new low-floor articulated trams will be bought based on the framework agreement. The vehicles will be driven by inverters and alternative current asynchronous engines fed from the overhead line or charged from a power storage unit on-board of the tram. The trams will have just one driver cab at one of the vehicle’s ends and access doors on the right side in the running direction. Up to 40 new trams will be purchased and subsequent contracts stipulate the procurement of at least one additional tram and no more than 10 additional trams.
Timisoara Municipality will submit requests for financing to get European funds to buy these new trams.

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