Three offers submitted for Uruguay’s Central Railway project

Acciona, Consorcio CMEC-SDHS and Grupo Vía Central are the three companies which have submitted the offers for the Uruguay’s Central Railway project, the Ministry of Transport and Public Works announced on May 29. “It’s an interesting number, it’s not a simple proposal, they have bought ten sheets,” Víctor Rossi, the Minister of Transport said.
Within 30 days the authorities will announce the preferred bidder for the construction and maintenance of 273 km of rail between the Port of Montevideo and the city of Paso de los Toros. The total estimated value of the project is USD 1 billion.
“The central branch of the railway system will be a standard that will allow the circulation of freight trains at 80 km/h and 22.5 tonnes per axle,” the minister said.
The “Central Railway” project promoted by the Government is an important infrastructure work for the multimodal transport system and the most important railway system in recent years. The line will cross several industrial zones, with companies currently using the existing railway line that is overloaded and needs increased capacity works.
On May 23, at Paso de los Toros, the Minister of Transport, Víctor Rossi, and the Undersecretary for Transport, Jorge Setelich, officially marked the project commencement. “To achieve greater development and meet the world’s demand for food we need an efficient railway transport and the only way to have railways is through a project of this kind,” said Jorge Setelich.

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