Digitalization is evolving intelligent rail infrastructure. – Trends and solutions for tomorrow’s connected rail transportation.

Automated train operation will significantly increase capacity and operational efficiency

Digitalization of rail infrastructure provides entirely new opportunities for flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency in mobility, and advances the networking of future mobility offerings. Leveraging available data and digital solutions, operators and passengers will tremendously benefit from higher availability, increased levels of automation, safety and sustainability.

Automated driving technologies are set to provide many of the answers in the years ahead, as rail operators and planners confront the conflict between the increasing demand for services and the limited potential for network expansion. These technologies will range from semi-automated trains to driverless operation, and provide increased capacity, greater punctuality and reliability, improved energy efficiency and enhanced safety.

The ongoing development of proven signaling systems and the use of innovative technologies are creating a smart, digitally networked infrastructure. With new digital solutions and business models, companies like Siemens Mobility will work with their customers – operators and infrastructure providers – to implement the digital transformation so that passengers can safely and securely benefit from the many opportunities of tomorrow’s mobility universe.

The digital transformation has already begun, so let’s shape it together!


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