The first Citadis X05 for Caen la mer unveiled

The first Alstom’s Citadis X05 tram, which will run on all three new lines Caen la mer (Normandy), was presented. At the end of 2016, Caen la mer ordered 23 trams, with the first deliveries starting October 2018. They will enter into commercial service in September 2019.
The Citadis X05 tram for Caen la mer is 33 metres long and equipped with 6 double doors on each side, enabling it to transport more than 210 passengers. For the first time in France, the tram has USB charging points. The tram for Caen la mer is particularly energy-efficient and will also be able to climb slopes with gradients of more than 8%. It is equipped with standardised, proven and more accessible components, allowing Caen la mer’s inhabitants access to reliable, readily available material and thus providing the urban community with all the guarantees for the advantageous replacement of its existing system.
Eight of Alstom’s twelve sites in France are involved in the project: La Rochelle is responsible for the project management, design and assembly, Ornans for the motors, Le Creusot for the bogies, Tarbes for the traction chains, Valenciennes for the interior layout, Villeurbanne for the onboard electronics, Aix-en-Provence for the tachometry and Saint-Ouen for the design.
A design committee, made up of elected representatives of Caen la mer, worked with Alstom’s Design & Styling teams to submit three different trams to the vote. At the end of 2016, the inhabitants thus had the opportunity to vote for their favourite design via the dedicated website.
“The design chosen by nearly 40% of the population is efficient, simple and modern. The selected colours won’t go out of style and aren’t just the expression of a fleeting moment. We’ve also worked on the brightness of the tram, with large glass surfaces that offer excellent visibility of the city,” Rodolphe Thomas, First Vice-President of Caen la mer in charge of transport, travel and infrastructure said.

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