The Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna extends its industry portfolio

The Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna is now formed by two departments – ‘Aviation and Technical Systems’ and ‘Rail and Road Vehicles’, as Rail Tec Arsenal (RTA) intends to provide service for an enlarged range of customers.
With these two divisions, RTA will be able to respond even better to climate test needs in the future.
During the last years, the facility has been developed with the goal to provide additional technical possibilities, as initially the Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna mainly performed climatic tests for rail vehicles.
The development allows RTA to be partner with additional industry sectors.
The prove of thermal comfort in the Climatic Wind Tunnel has become a standardised part of quality assurance within the scope of vehicle development, not only for rail vehicles but also for utility vehicles such as busses, trucks and various technical systems.
Due to extensive investments and continuous build-up of specific Know How since 2013 the possibility to simulate special icing situations (cloud types) has been realised, of utmost interest for the aviation industry. This way new customers, especially among the aviation and UAV industry, could be acquired. Furthermore, RTA serves as partner within numerous national and international aviation research projects, assuring a permanent further development of climatic simulation methods also utilized by other industry sectors.
To answer the needs of customers from different industries, RTA decided to implement an organisational restructuring plan, being considered the best solution. Thus, the previous division “project execution“ was split into two separate focused divisions. The “aviation & technical systems“ new division is managed by Hermann Ferschitz, who has led the previous “project execution“ for 17 years and acts as driving force of the icing simulation development at RTA. Gregor Richter, 8 years of experience as RTA project manager, newly leads the division “rail and road vehicles“, after having returned from a 3 year employment at a well-known rail vehicle industry company.

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