Thales wins signalling contract for Vancouver Broadway Subway line

CBTC technology on Broadway SubwayThe Broadway Subway Constructors General Partnership awarded Thales a contract to install the CBTC technology on Broadway Subway line in Vancouver.

Under the agreement, Thales will design and install the CBTC signalling technology on the new line, an extension of the SkyTrain Millennium line.

The Thales’ CBTC technology on Broadway Subway will ensure full integration with the existing line as it is already equipped with SelTrac™ technology.

“Thales will continue to build local expertise and provide strong support to the city and is proud to contribute to the mass transit capacity expansion in Vancouver with the innovative SelTrac™ CBTC system,” Dominique Gaiardo, the Managing Director for Thales’ Urban Rail Signalling business said.

The Broadway Subway line will extend the Millennium line by 5.7 km to the west from VCC-Clark station to a new terminus at Arbutus Street. It will have a fully integrated interchange with the existing Canada Line. From the Arbutus station, the 99 B-Line bus service will connect passengers to the University of British Columbia.

The new line will consist of 700 metres of elevated track extending from VCC-Clark Station to a tunnel portal near Great Northern Way and proceed underground for 5 km, below the Broadway Corridor from Great Northern Way to Arbutus Street. It will have six new underground stations connecting communities and the region, including a direct underground connection to the Canada Line at Cambie Street.

The construction works will start by the end of 2020 and it is expected that the line will enter services in 2025. Early works to prepare the corridor began in 2019.

In July, the British Columbia’s Ministry of Transport announced that Acciona-Ghella joint venture is the preferred bidder for the construction of the Broadway Subway project. The CAD 1.73 billion (USD 1.3 billion) contract for design, construction and partially financing was signed on September 3.

The travel time between VCC-Clark station and Arbutus station will take 11 minutes, from currently 30 minutes relieving the traffic congestion along the corridor.

The province of British Columbia has selected Broadway Subway Constructors General Partnership to complete the design and construction of the line, which will be operated and maintained by British Columbia Rapid Transit.

The Broadway Subway project has a value of CAD 2.83 billion (USD 2.1 billion) funded and delivered by the Government of British Columbia, with contributions from the Government of Canada and the City of Vancouver.

The Project is a key part of the rapid transit programme in metro Vancouver’s Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision. The Vision is funded by the governments of B.C. and Canada, TransLink, and local municipalities.

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