Thales to equip Ortigueira-Ribadeo section

Ortigueira – Ribadeo rail sectionAdif, the Spanish rail infrastructure manager, awarded Thales a contract to coordinate the construction project and carry out the works on the Ortigueira – Ribadeo rail section part of the Line 740 RAM (Metric Gauge Network) which connects Ferrol, in the Province of A Coruña in Galicia with Pravia, Asturias, in northern Spain.

Under the project, which is part of the “Telephone Blocking System Elimination Plan” Thales will replace the current telephone blocking system by an automated system. All interlockings will be remotely controlled from the Centralised Traffic Control Centre in El Berrón, Asturias.

The project has a value of EUR 20 million and should be completed in 27 months (more than two years). The purpose of the works is to improve the rail service by increasing capacity and service frequency, as well as enhance safety and reliability. This will result in a better and safer travel experience for passengers.

The 101 km Ortigueira – Ribadeo rail section has an analogue Automatic Signal Announcement and Braking Aid driver assistance system, as well as telephone blocking between adjacent stations. It also includes the equipment needed for planned new configurations with streamlining of stations on the route, including the newly built stations at O Barqueiro and Barreiros.

This project will be completed with all the necessary signalling installations, new electronic interlockings, a train detection system with AzLM axle counters, new LEDs, electric drives, all with Thales technology, an ASFA Digital protection system, integration with the CTC, fixed telecommunications, video surveillance and access control in technical buildings.

The project also includes new buildings, civil works and a power system, as well as testing and commissioning.

Thales has previously executed the construction project for the removal of the telephone blockage on the Ferrol – Ortigueira section, which connects with this section. Under a EUR 13 million contract awarded in February 2021, Thales equipped the 53.5 km single and non-electrified track with analog ASFA system and telephone locks between adjacent stations. The purpose was to carry out the improvement and modernisation works of the signalling and telecommunications facilities on the affected section.

Both actions are intended to increase the line’s capacity and regularity of train movements, improve the safety and reliability of the facilities, as well as rationalise and optimise railway operation in accordance with needs, reducing running costs by integrating the Ferrol – Ortigueira section into the remote control of the facilities from the Central CTC (Centralised Traffic Control) post in El Berrón (Asturias).



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